FSCM BI Cloud Adapter BI View Object to Database Lineage Mapping Spreadsheet

There is a spreadsheet which is published by Oracle BI Cloud Adapter Development that documents Fusion ERP and SCM BI View Objects and their corresponding database tables and columns. This post is on community.oracle.com and for a lot of customers not accessible.

Customers can use this spreadsheet to search for BI View Objects (BIVO) to trace the lineage from a BIVO to database tables and columns or vice versa.

Includes R13 releases 13.19A, 13.19B, 13.19C, 13.19D,13.20A,13.20B, 13.20C, 13.20D, 13.21A, 13.21B, 13.21C, 13.21D, 13.22A, 13.22B, 13.22C, 13.22D, 13.23A, 13.23B, 13.23C, and 13.23D.

Download the spreadsheet (rel13_23.x_bicc_fscm_database_mapping_with_viewobjects.xlsx.zip) here instead.

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