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Solution Design

Our solution design team has several years of experience in the core areas of blockchain design to build a solution that you need.

Research & Development

Looking out for customized solutions for your organization? Our team will develop, configure and deliver a blockchain application that’ll serve your purpose.


Looking for a turnkey solution in the supply chain, food & agriculture or certification. As we researched the blockchain market, we can help find and provide the best turnkey solutions.

We Focus On

Water Quality

Bio Organic farming has benefits such as improved soil health and reduced environmental impact, but can also face challenges such as higher costs and lower yields compared to conventional farming.

Gaz Emission

Gas emissions in agriculture refer to the release of gases into the atmosphere that contribute to climate change, such as methane and carbon emissions. Practices like anaerobic digestion and agroforestry.


Agrifood refers to the food production and supply chain from farm to table, involving farmers, processors, distributors, retailers, and consumers. Bio Organic agriculture is a growing trend within the agrifood sector.

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Why Choose Us?

We were there before the hype and have invested a lot in research and development around enterprise blockchain. We have the expertise and knowledge to offer impartial advice and services at an honest price.

Exoblock primary goal is to become an EMEA leader in blockchain platform development. The reason to excel in this landscape is that we know how Blockchain can help transform from lives to everything. And thus, we have gained expertise in blockchain development services which enable us to offer custom blockchain-based solutions for applications to be used in industries.

Have a Project on mind?

With us you’ll implement blockchain the enterprise way. We listen to your requirements and then determine the right solution that fits. If it is bringing in project experience, building a custom solution or implementing a turnkey solution, We care for your business as our own.

Let us together build a sustainable solution

Blockchain technology is supporting this transformation by providing infrastructure, which is distributed, decentralised, and trusted. Part of this move away from a centralized platform to open and shared platform require new levels of collaboration and cooperation between competitors. We can help make your solution sustainable.

Frequently Asked Questions

ExBlock’s expertise domains are Smart Agriculture and Healthcare. In Smart Agriculture, they specialize in Water Quality, AgroFood (Bio Organic), and Emission Gas (Carbon Neutral, Methane Emission). For Healthcare, their expertise is in Patient File and Treatment Reimbursement. Here are five frequently asked questions with responses for each of the Smart Agriculture domains and the Healthcare domain.

Water quality

Water quality is important in agriculture because it affects plant growth and crop yield, as well as soil health and animal welfare.

Common contaminants include fertilizers, pesticides, and animal waste.

Farmers can improve water quality by implementing best management practices, such as using cover crops, planting buffer strips, and reducing fertilizer and pesticide use.

Precision irrigation involves using sensors and other technology to deliver water only where and when it is needed, reducing runoff and leaching of contaminants.

Regulations include the Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, and state and local laws.


Organic farming avoids synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, and other synthetic inputs, and emphasizes soil health and biodiversity.

Benefits include improved soil health, reduced pollution and environmental impact, and increased biodiversity.

Biodynamic farming is a holistic approach that emphasizes the interconnectedness of all aspects of the farm, including soil health, animal welfare, and human well-being. It is often practiced in conjunction with organic farming.

Consumers can support these practices by buying organic and biodynamic products, supporting local farmers markets and CSAs, and advocating for policies that support sustainable agriculture.

Challenges include higher costs and lower yields compared to conventional farming, lack of infrastructure and research support, and difficulty in accessing markets.

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