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Blockchain-based ecosystem for traceability and authenticy of organic and quality foods

ExoCert® is intended for the agricultural industry in order to have a registration, certification, monitoring and transparent traceability of organic products to reduce fraud and recalls, enhance the integrity of producers and give consumers transparency on the provenance of their food.

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Internet-of-things platform for traceability of carbon emissions towards zero carbon

ExoSmart® empowers farmers by providing them with real-time insights, actionable data, and tools to optimize their practices and minimize their carbon emissions to meet the green-deal requirements. It also integrates seamless with ExoCert® to unlock carbon certification and carbon debits/credits.

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Empowering professionals through cutting-edge enterprise blockchain training

ExoAcademy™ is our online learning platform empowering our professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to drive positive change. ExoAcademy provides a comprehensive training program into the fundamentals of blockchain, and tailored programs specifically for your industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ExoCert and ExoSmart

ExoCert is a solution of Exoblock that helps reduce food fraud by certifying laboratory results using blockchain technology. By securely storing laboratory results on the blockchain, ExoCert provides a tamper-proof and transparent solution that enables stakeholders to verify the authenticity of the results.

ExoCert offers several benefits to food supply chain stakeholders, including reduced food fraud, improved traceability, enhanced quality control, and increased consumer trust. By providing a secure and transparent platform for certifying laboratory results, ExoCert helps ensure the authenticity of food products and their ingredients.

ExoSmart is a solution of Exoblock that provides the traceability of gas emissions, mapping the data to a digital farm and provide data-driven decisions to reduce gas emissions. It provides satellite mapping of hotspots, real-time conversion in CO2e and analysis. Important sensor data is directly put on blockchain to proof compliance..   


ExoAcademy is a online learning platform of Exoblock that offers ideation or design thinking workshops as well as on-site or remote training on blockchain foundations. The workshops and training are designed to help stakeholders understand the potential of blockchain technology and its applications in various industries.

The key features of ExoAcademy include a flexible training program, experienced trainers, hands-on workshops, and customized training materials. ExoAcademy also provides a platform for stakeholders to share their experiences and knowledge about blockchain technology.

Exoblock ensures the quality of training and workshops offered by ExoAcademyu by hiring experienced trainers, developing customized training materials, and providing feedback mechanisms for stakeholders. The platform also continually updates its training program to reflect the latest developments in blockchain technology.

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