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Exoblock is part of the NL Pavilion

We’re thrilled to announce that Exoblock will be present at the NL Pavilion during the 16th edition of the International Agricultural Exhibition in Morocco (SIAM). Which will take place from April 22 to 28, 2024 in Meknes, showcasing our sustainable solutions in collaboration with our branch Exoblock MA in Oujda.

You can find us alongside Friesland Campina, Agriprecision, and Hoogendorn Growth Management. See our localisation below.

Why visit us at SIAM?

We are an engineering and technology company that leverages the power of blockchain, data/AI, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to drive a transformation in sustainability within the realm of ethical food sourcing and certification, and carbon monitoring and reporting. With our expertise and innovative solutions, we are at the forefront of transforming the way we approach sustainability. This fits perfectly with this years theme “Climate and agriculture: advocating sustainable and resilient production systems”

🔎 Come visit us to explore our Sustainable Solutions:

🌱 Food Traceability and Authenticity: Enhance the integrity and transparency of your organic and quality foods with ExoCert®. Our blockchain-based ecosystem provides secure tracking from farm to table through digital product passports. This system connects BIO farmers, laboratories, regulatory bodies, and the entire supply chain, ensuring authenticity, reducing recalls, and boosting consumer trust.

♻️ Carbon Footprint Reduction: Utilize our ExoSmart data platform to trace and significantly reduce carbon emissions toward a zero carbon footprint. This platform gives farmers real-time insights and actionable data to optimize practices and meet green-deal standards, while also enabling the creation of a complete digital twin of your farm or factory.

🌐 Carbon-Neutral Certification: Seamlessly integrate our data platform with ExoCert® to facilitate carbon-neutral certification, leveraging Carbon Debits/Credits, and enhancing sustainability across the supply chain.

💧 Water and Energy Monitoring: Gain precise control over your consumption metrics. Optimize water and energy use with our ExoSmart platform, which offers detailed monitoring and management of resource consumption. Improve operational efficiency with smart irrigation systems tailored to your specific needs.

ExoSmart @ Agri Carbon Days
Last year we where one of the five innovative startups at the Agri Carbon Days. Below video is from our COO Sanae Bekkar explaining our vision.

About SIAM

The SIAM (Salon International de l’Agriculture au Maroc) held in Meknes, Morocco, is an international agricultural fair that aims to showcase innovations and developments in the agriculture sector. It is one of the largest agricultural events in Africa and serves as a platform for farmers, companies, and professionals to network, exchange ideas, and present new technologies and solutions in agriculture.

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